Ryan Shi

I (try to) research, develop, deploy, and evaluate AI for social good AI that helps people. [CV]

My technical research lies in online learning, game theory, and reinforcement learning.

I want to do useful stuff. Fei Fang makes this possible.

2021 Symposium on AI for Social Good, April 30, 2021.

The Unbearable Weight, and Lightness, of AI for Social Good
Zheyuan Ryan Shi
Working paper, 2021.
My “non-technical” PhD thesis.

Bandit Data-driven Optimization: AI for Social Good and Beyond
Zheyuan Ryan Shi, Zhiwei Steven Wu, Rayid Ghani, Fei Fang
Working paper, 2021.
NeurIPS-20 workshop: Machine Learning for Economic Policy
NeurIPS-20 workshop: Consequential Decisions in Dynamic Environments
NeurIPS-20 workshop: Machine Learning for the Developing World
[Abstract][Initial version]

A Recommender System for Crowdsourcing Food Rescue Platforms
Zheyuan Ryan Shi, Leah Lizarondo, Fei Fang
WWW-21: 30th The Web Conference
[Abstract][Paper TBA]

AI for Social Good: Between My Research and the Real World
Zheyuan Ryan Shi
AAAI-21: the 35th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Doctoral Consortium.
[Abstract][Paper TBA]

Improving Efficiency of Volunteer-Based Food Rescue Operations
Zheyuan Ryan Shi*, Yiwen Yuan*, Kimberly Lo, Leah Lizarondo, Fei Fang
IAAI-20: 32nd Annual Conference on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence
[Abstract][IAAI version][Deployed @412 Food Rescue]

Draining the Water Hole: Mitigating Social Engineering Attacks with CyberTWEAK
Zheyuan Ryan Shi, Aaron Schlenker, Brian Hay, Daniel Bittleston, Siyu Gao, Emily Peterson, John Trezza, Fei Fang
IAAI-20: 32nd Annual Conference on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence
[Abstract][IAAI version][full version][Software @Chrome Web Store]

Learning and Planning in the Feature Deception Problem
Zheyuan Ryan Shi, Ariel D. Procaccia, Kevin S. Chan, Sridhar Venkatesan, Noam Ben-Asher, Nandi O. Leslie, Charles Kamhoua, Fei Fang
GameSec-20: the 11th Conference on Decision and Game Theory for Security
[Abstract][full version]

Artificial Intelligence for Social Good: A Survey
Zheyuan Ryan Shi, Claire Wang, Fei Fang
Working paper, 2020.
[Abstract][Initial version][2020 Symposium on AI for Social Good]

Approximated Temporal-Induced Neural Self-Play for Finitely Repeated Bayesian Games
Zihan Zhou, Zheyuan Ryan Shi, Yi Wu, Fei Fang
AAAI-20-RLG: AAAI-20 Workshop on Reinforcement Learning in Games

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Green Security Games with Real-Time Information
Yufei Wang, Zheyuan Ryan Shi, Lantao Yu, Yi Wu, Rohit Singh, Lucas Joppa, Fei Fang
AAAI-19: the 33rd AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence
[Abstract][AAAI version][full version] [source code] [slides]

Designing the Game to Play: Optimizing Payoff Structure in Security Games
Zheyuan Ryan Shi*, Ziye Tang*, Long Tran-Thanh, Rohit Singh, Fei Fang
IJCAI-ECAI-18: the 27th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence and the 23rd European Conference on Artificial Intelligence.
[Abstract] [IJCAI version] [full version] [source code] [slides]

Optimizing Peer Teaching to Enhance Team Performance
Zheyuan Ryan Shi, Fei Fang
TEAMAS-17: First International Workshop on Teams in Multiagent Systems, at AAMAS-17
In Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems: AAMAS 2017 Workshops, Best Papers, Springer.
Winner of Best Paper
[Abstract] [Springer version]

Strategic Reporting in Exponential Family Prediction Markets
Zheyuan Ryan Shi, Sindhu Kutty
URTC-16: 2016 MIT IEEE Undergraduate Research Technology Conference
[Abstract] [IEEE version]